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Create advanced Title Index navigation structure from SharePoint data.


This is a free community release which allows you to add the title index to a single web for free. 

Full commercial release allows n number of webs
Our web parts are installed via a multi solution installer:
Download here:

Note: works across site collections, across web in the same web application.

Support AJAX filtering for rapidly locating items.

A-Z Title index or Custom Title Index through selecting any SharePoint field in the list for grouping.



TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU SEE SHAREPOINT DATA - Just add the web part and point to any list.


Title Index for easy data navigation and an awesome UI to interact with data


Apply custom themes


Configure AJAX Settings for improved performance


 Create custom navigation expressions or grouping and more

Leverage fast built in AJAX filtering to quickly find information:




 Alter the number of collumns displayed:


More cool themes:




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